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For all the current and most used variants of Microsoft Windows, WinDirStat comes as a great disk usage cleanup tool and statistics viewer. The utility is known for its offering of a sub-tree view that displays the user’s overall disk use percentage. This is besides the list of usage-sorted file extensions that is beautifully integrated in the utility, with a vibrant and colorful graphics display.
Originally created as an open source program and released within the GNU General Public License, WinDirStat was developed with the aid of Visual C++/MFC 7.0. Later on, it was distributed using Sourceforge.
Here are some prominent features of WinDirStat:
• It offers users a listing of detected file extensions. This comes with the overall percentage of space that every file extension originally takes.
• Every extension is distinct, since it is represented by its own color on the provided graphical map.
• The utility can effectively scan any external, internal and network drivers.
• The utility comes in a portable version.
• The utility lets the users send reports via the email facility.
Moreover, here are some amazing facts about WinDirStat:
• From the official source, the utility has already been downloaded more than 9 million times since its release in October 2003.
• Till July 2014, the utility has been reported among the top-five downloaded “Filesystems” software present on SourceForge. As such, it averages more than 13,000 downloads/week.
• WinDirStat is currently “up-to-date”. This is evident from the fact that its usability is designed to work perfectly at all platforms.
So, download WinDirStat now and make your life easier.


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